Young Woodworks LLC.                                                               CCB#204471

A Local Affordable Tree Service                                               Licensed   Bonded   Insured                      Newberg, Oregon

  From the time Matt was little, he has always enjoyed the outdoors and particularly things involving wood.  At 3 yrs old on a camping trip he chopped his first log with a hatchet and the enjoyment continued as new skills were taught to him from his father William.  Together they cut firewood, removed trees, and dabbled in making lumber with a homebuilt alaskan sawmill. For a little extra money during college summers, Matt started learning to climb and removed trees for family and friends. After college he had several different jobs and landed in Salem when he met Lindsey Mobley. A year later they were married and living in Newberg as Matt went to work on a farm in Carlton. In January of 2014 they welcomed their first child Henry. That summer proved a potential for Matt to take on tree work as a business. With that Young Woodworks LLC was born.  Currently, Matt still works at the farm most days and schedules tree work on fridays and saturdays, unless a job requires otherwise.