Young Woodworks LLC.                                                               CCB#204471

A Local Affordable Tree Service                                               Licensed   Bonded   Insured                      Newberg, Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Young Woodworks over other tree services?

  Y.W.W.  is a smaller company with less overhead and expenses than the big guys. That allows us to pass savings on to our customers.  Having the owner working on every job provides the care and passion to produce quality results.

Will Y.W.W. take the brush and wood?

  We sure can. But if you would prefer to get your hands dirty, we can get the material on the ground and let you do the cleanup. Or maybe you would just like to keep the firewood for yourself. We are very flexible and are able to negotiate the price accordingly.

Where does the wood go?

  The wood that is chipped ends up at recycling facilities in the region. Depending on which facility, the wood ultimately ends up as recycled paper or compost. The big wood is processed as firewood or milled for lumber.