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Tree Removal

Tree's are an important part of our ecosystem, but as they are damaged or die, they can become hazardous. Dead standing or leaning trees can be a danger to anything they can reach as they fall.  Don't forget about the large portion of the tree that you can't see, the root system. The roots of a poorly placed tree can lift sidewalks, crack foundations, and break sewer lines. Other times a tree can be a nuisance. Removing it will eliminate clogged gutters, yard cleanup, and increase sunlight. Young Woodworks can remove tree's of almost any size, providing a safe and clean living space. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Just as with anything in our lives from vehicles to our homes, trees need maintenance too.  Managing a tree's weight and leverage are important tasks, especially when valuable items live underneath their canopy. When tree's are in close proximity to buildings, they often produce clogged gutters,  a mess of needles/leaves on roofs, and mold/mildew on siding.  Raising a tree's canopy will increase airflow and sunlight, decreasing a damp environment. Other times trimming can be purely aesthetic, like opening or maintaining a view, or just adjusting its shape.

Special Wood Projects

If you have a special project that involves wood give us a call, we might have or be able to find the material you need. Whether your looking for a certain species of wood in log form, planks, or fire wood in any phase, keep us in mind.